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Lock and Life Safety Code Considerations for Campuses

When considering security methods, campuses must be familiar with the code requirements that are in place to protect students, staff members and other occupants. The major codes colleges need to focus on entail life safety, fire protection, electrified hardware, and more. Even though they are lengthy, these codes are put in place to impact the devices used to secure doors. An understanding of the codes will help to ensure the selection of code-compliant security methods. Read more

What is MNEC?

The MNEC market goes beyond the one- and two-way emergency communications systems that currently dominate the industry's applications. MNEC requires integrators and technical/design consultants to interface with a diverse group of professionals, including architects, electricians, engineers, IT consultants, security managers and more. Survey respondents noted that the greatest obstacles to this market are the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), who are either uninformed or not up-to-date on standards that should be included in specifications. Growth of this emerging market is fueled by demand for increased emergency notification and life safety applications in public venues.

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