Punch Alert System Conveys Emergency Messages, Keeps Students Safe

Hickory Public Schools go with Punch Alert for mass emergency notifications and to communicate with emergency responders.

By Jessica Kennedy

July 29, 2015

Hickory Public School District is using Punch Technologies’ Punch Alert system to convey emergency messages across its ten locations. Punch Alert is an all-in-one, mobile emergency communication platform schools can use to streamline their emergency management.

The system includes a panic button that alerts emergency personnel of an emergency on campus. Emergency personnel can also release emergency information to others on campus when appropriate.

Faculty and staff can use Punch Alert to submit information and mass updates during emergencies.

Angela Simmons, director of student services at the Hickory Public School District said that Punch Alert even helped keep students safe during inclement weather.

“During a tornado warning last year, we learned how beneficial it would have been to be able to communicate with all staff at one time rather than make many phone calls,” says Simmons in an announcement.

“Having the ability to communicate with everyone at once will enhance our safety procedures for all of our staff and students,” says Simmons. “Everyone will have the same information and know exactly what to do to keep their students safe.”

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